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TCUDistrict 1374


System Board 86 Charter
This will serve to announce that May 10, 2007 Officers and District Chairmen of System Board 86 voted unanimously to approve the relinquishment of the Board's Charter. With this vote, the districts currently under the jurisdiction of System Board 86 will be converted to Local Lodges and placed under the direct jursdiction of the Grand Lodge effective July 1, 2007. This change in structure was in keeping with the resolution adopted by the Structure Committee and approved by the Executive Council on September 24, 2005. District 1374 will be converted to a Local Lodge. The former District Chairperson will continue to serve the members as Local Chairperson-Delegate and remain in that capacity until the expiration of the current term of office when the next regularly scheduled election shall take place. The same scenario will apply to the District President, and Members of the Board of Trustees. The only offices that will need to be filled on an interim basis pending the next regularly scheduled Local Lodge election will be that of Finanical Secretary-Treasurer and Vice President. It will be incumbent upon the Lodge President to make these appointments subject to the approval of the Lodge. This structural reform is to align TCU union's structure with the American labor movement, namely locals and International, without the addition intermediate level of Adjustment or Protective Boards.

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